1. Disclaimer for Contents

Retrievable contents of and contributions to this website serve as general information. By merely visiting and using the website, no contractual relationship is established between user and provider.

Contents of and information on this website have been composed with the utmost care. However, provider assumes no liability or gives any guarantee for the completeness or accuracy of the information published on this website. No liability is or will be assumed for the content of the retrievable information in the event of other arisen damages to legal interests of user short of life, body and health, provided they are not based on deliberate or gross negligence of provider or respectively a legal representative or assistant of provider.

Provider does not monitor submitted or saved alien information. By law, within the limits of

  • § 8 up to 10 TMG, provider is not obliged to do so. Removal of damaging alien contents will however take place if and as soon as an encroachment or infringement has become known to provider. No liability exists for provider pertaining to alien information prior to the moment/time of awareness.
  1. Disclaimer for Links

Provider is not responsible for the content(s) of webpages reached via links. The operators of such linked sites/pages are solely responsible. Placing external links does not imply that provider appropriates the contents behind referral links. Provider assumes no liability or gives any guarantee for the completeness, accuracy or availability of the information published on this website. Upon first-time alliance, the alien contents were checked for possible civil- or criminal law responsibility triggers. Only if and when provider is or has been made aware that a concrete offer – referred to by a link – is triggering such proceedings, shall provider remove reference to such an offer via such a link, provided technically possible and within reason.

  1. Trademark- and Copyright Laws

Contents published on this website are subject to German Trademark- and Copyright Law. All and any inadmissible utilisation governed by this law is prohibited, unless express written permission is given by provider or respective entitled persons. Latter particularly applies to copying, editing, translating, saving, processing and/or reproducing contents in data systems or other electronic media or systems.

Contents and rights of third parties are marked as such. Illicit copying or distributing of single content parts or complete pages is not allowed and punishable by law.

Making copies and downloading is only permitted for personal, private and non-commercial use.

Representation of this website in alien frames is only allowed with written permission.

  1. Data Protection

Visiting this website is possible without providing personal data. If data (i.e. name, address and/or e-mail address) are compiled at all, this is – as much as possible - on a voluntary basis. Without explicit consent of the user, it is not permitted to disclose any such data to third parties. In as far as a business relationship is established between provider and user, contents are developed or changed or user has a query or requests a quote, provider will collect and use personal data of user to the extent to which this is necessary and relevant, if only for user to make use of offers on the website. Assorted personal data are and will only be used and/or temporarily stored for the purpose and the duration of processing user requests or contracts, taking into account compulsory periods of tax- and commercial record-keeping. By order of the relevant authorities, user may, incidentally, be allowed or obliged to disclose information regarding personal inventory data, if, for the purpose of criminal prosecution, danger prevention, hazard control, fulfillment or completion of legal tasks of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution or the Military Protections Services or enforcement of the rights of intellectual property, they require him or her to do so.

User has the right – at any time, free of charge and without delay - to enquire about the data lifted pertaining to his or her person. Consent for the use of provided data impacting the future, may be rescinded at any time. Disclosure of information takes place in the field ‘Contact Details’ of the Company Details.  

Use of contact details provided in the Company Details is explicitly undesirable, unless provider has previously given written consent or if there already exists an established business relationship. Provider and all persons mentioned on this website therefore herewith object to any commercial use or dissemination of their contact details and data.

  1. Disclaimer for security vulnerabilities

Provider stresses that data-transfer via internet (i.e. communication by e-mail) may show security vulnerabilities and cannot be completely protected from access by third parties. Protection of data from third parties without a(ny) gap cannot be guaranteed. Provider assumes no liability for other arisen damages to legal interests of user short of life, body and health, caused by afore-said vulnerabilities, unless they are based on deliberate or gross negligence of provider or respectively a legal representative or assistant of provider.

User of the site is not permitted to reproduce, change, remove, pass on, distribute or disseminate the information on the site or make it available to third parties without the express written permission of provider